Top Notch Training

From R. Holm 2/01/2011

I HIGHLY recommend Train To Be Fit. I have had personal trainers from Sports Club/LA, Equinox and NYSC and Train To Be Fit is top notch! Not only have I had great results after just a month and a half of training (losing both weight and inches!) but the progressive training system changes the routines every couple of weeks so that you keep pushing yourself and never get bored. Also, unlike other training programs I have done, when you first start you get an extremely comprehensive fitness evaluation and report (17 pages!) with all of the works so that you can keep track of all of your areas of improvement including weight, measurements, body fat, bmi, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, etc... I train at Lifetime Fitness, which is a fantastic facility with new machines and a great locker room (and includes a sauna and steam room). David is my personal trainer but ALL of the Method trainers that I have come in contact with since I began seem to be just as knowledgeable, motivating and personable. You should definitely give it a try!

Killer Workout

Posted by kmichael on 1/23/2011

I have been doing power sets of cardio and weight-training exercises using mostly free weights, a medicine ball and the Swedish big ball for core stability. It's old school stuff I've never done before and it's much more fun than running on a treadmill and using weight machines. He keeps the energy up and gets through a workout in half the time it would take me alone; I like that. There's a lot of floor work and gymnastic exercises as well, things for the legs like squats and lunges with weights or a ball.

Already Seeing Results!

Posted by kriscol on 1/13/2011

I have been training at home for just a few weeks, once or twice a week. He is great! I told him the areas I wanted to focus on and our hard work is paying off. I look and feel leaner. I love training at battling the crowds at the gym...and no excuses to skip a workout b/c I'm too tired to go to the gym. He ordered my equipment for me (just some free weights and a stability ball). I continue working out on my on too...He tells me what to do on my off days. I wish I had discovered him sooner!

3 Months with Method Fitness

Posted by Fiona T on 12/02/2010

Hey, 3 months with Train To Be Fit and at 46 years old I am more flexible, stronger in my insides, and looking even better on my outsides than I ever have!

Thanks For Everything!

Posted by Roy on 11/29/2010

I found him to be extremely organized and professional in every aspect of his operation. I am working harder and feeling more motivated in my fitness and nutritional efforts than I ever have before. The trainers I have met have been motivational, inspirational, knowledgeable and well-prepared. Most of all, I am feeling great, looking better, and rather than something I avoid, I look forward to each workout and recently went from 2x to 3x a week.

Wow--Service at it's best

Posted by nycchristian on 11/03/2010

From top to bottom, this place treated me right. Friendly faces, calm environment--exactly what i needed. They have excellent equipment (i think it was renovated last month!!) and i've never had to wait for a piece of cardio.

Overall user rating: Highly Recommended